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Gabriel Kuhn’s Cruel Murder

16-year-old Gabriel kuhn, 12, was killed by Daniel after failing to return $1.75 in gaming currency. Daniel then saw Gabriel’s body in half.

When Gabriel Kuhn, then 12 years old, met fellow player Daniel Petry, then 16 years old, what had initially been a fun opportunity to escape the reality of life and make new friends, turned into a death sentence.

Daniel’s parents were so terrified by his violent outbursts in the past that they referred the 16-year-old to several psychiatrists in Brazil in the hopes that something might work to help him. Daniel detested physicians and remained silent. Eventually, he stopped going because he misbehaved during the sessions.

He stopped attending classes, and although it has never been proven, some people believe he spent years in a mental hospital.
The tibia was a game that Daniel played a lot online. As he communicated with other gamers online for longer periods of time, Daniel took on the persona of the Tribia monster.

Gabriel and Daniel meet.

At one of his lengthy gaming sessions, he just so happened to meet Gabriel. Gabriel Kuhn lived close by Daniel, and the two quickly grew close—or at least pretended to—become friends.

That Tribia game was still a free-to-play title featuring tonnes of in-game cash. The money may be used to purchase everything from in-game pets to clothes and characters in the game store.

To play on, Gabriel built up a customized server just for Daniel and himself. gabriel kuhn once asked Daniel if he’d like to lend him some coins so he could purchase something from the game store. He required 20,000 coins, which is $1.75 USD. A few days later, Gabriel promised to return the coins. The loan was accepted by Daniel.

Daniel pays Gabriel a home visit.

When Daniel came, Gabriel kuhn was alone at home. He had Daniel’s account locked and owed him money, but he was unaware of the teenager’s level of wrath. Gabriel welcomed him inside after opening the door, wanting to mend fences with his friend.

Immediately after passing the apartment, Daniel attacked Gabriel, beating the much smaller and younger lad before repeatedly sodomizing him.
After the incident, Gabriel was left bleeding including in pain on the floor, and Daniel made fun of him and laughed at him. Then, with courage, Gabriel kuhn declared that he planned to tell his mother what Daniel had done.

Gabriel’s computer cord was severed by Daniel, who then started strangling him. He must have been aroused because while he continued to tighten the cord around Gabriel’s neck until he stopped moving, he raped Gabriel sexually.

Gabriel’s body is sawed in half by Daniel.

Daniel tried to ram Gabriel’s body it into the crawlspace after assuming he was dead, but the opening was too narrow. After deciding that it would be easier to transfer the body in parts, he searched the house for a hacksaw and started hacking away at Gabriel’s torso.

Gabriel kuhn remained alive. He screamed in anguish as he came to. Daniel enjoyed hearing Sebastian scream and struggle, so this thrilled him. He persisted in sawing Gabriel’s body till it was split in two while grinning despite the cries.
He attempted to cram Gabriel’s body and its components into the crawlspace after carving Tibia symbols into Gabriel’s body. Daniel left his body laying in the hallway when it still would not fit and left the house. The grisly sight was discovered later that day by Gabriel’s brother.

Daniel Admits Murder.

Soon after they discovered their online argument, police asked Daniel some questions. Daniel confessed to killing gabriel kuhn and gave investigators graphic details of what transpired. As he recollects the specifics, he displayed no remorse.
They enquired as to Daniel’s sexual orientation after hearing that he had sodomized Gabriel. He reacted angrily to this inquiry and denied being gay.

Gabriel Was Unjustly Imprisoned for Three Years at a Youth Facility.

Daniel Petry was charged by Brazilian authorities as a minor and received a three-year juvenile facility term. In 2010, he was let out of the institution. Since his release, little is known about Daniel. He might have a new name now.

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